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Would you like to recall the beauty of "Blossoms of The Light"
exhibited on the day of playing The Real Love musical in 2011?
Welcome to click the Auditorium and Exhibit Hall to enter the Virtual Gallery.


A brief video of The Real Love musical

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  From Crisis To Peace - European Conference
  From Crisis to Peace - The Organic Vegan Way is the Answer
Due to all inhabitants of the world's good karma, this beautiful planet was created. But if it's all covered up by the new bad karma, then the planet and/or the inhabitants will perish.

Make Good Karma:
Be Loving
Be Veg
Be Green

~ The Supreme Master Ching Hai
  The Noble Wilds
In the animal kingdom, size doesn't matter and virtues count like everywhere else.
--Supreme Master Ching Hai
  The Dogs In My Life
Supreme Master Ching Hai said that it was actually the dogs who gave her the inspiration to write this book. The words used in this book are very cute and innocent just like Benny, Happy, and Goody are talking right to us. Happy told us life is like a song, and Hermit seriously thought about what kind of career he should choose. Pomas tells everyone how master healed his internal and external scars.
  The Birds In My Life
He was very young when I came across him, he is my official first chosen bird. Or maybe he chose me.

When I came in, he started to greet me and cuddled right away. Then he quietly lay down on a table as if asleep. I felt we were very connected, but my mind was unsure whether or not to bind myself with responsibility.
--Supreme Master Ching Hai
  The Realization of Health
On the Realization of Health: Our wealth, power and opportunities in life exceed those of any previous generation. Why then are heart disease, obesity, cancer, stress and relationship breakdowns at record levels?
  eCard - Wish
~~~Happy New Year
  eCard - Ease

~~~The Noble Wilds
  eCard - Leaves
With All My Love and Admiration

Happy New Year
  eCard - Goose Sey Sey
Goose-Sey Sey

Happy New Year
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