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Amoura Gallery is around the corner.


Labor Department of Changhua County (Formosa)

"The Noble Wilds Photo Exhibition" is held at Labor Department of Changhua County, during August 2 - August 31, 2010. The nobility and love of Amoura nature and wild animal companions go into every corner of the office.



Da Cheng County Village (Chang Hua County, Formosa)

"The Noble Wild Photo Exhibition" walked into countryside. Thank for the invitation from Da Cheng Village Library, the exhibition has been held in the library during July 1 - July 31, 2010. A vegetarian cooking seminar was held as well.

Library photo source: Chang Hua County Culture Affairs Bureau



Taiwan Power Company (Chang Hua City, Formosa)

Thank for the invitation from Taiwan Power Comany Changhua Branch, "The Noble Wilds Photo Exhibition" was held during June 6 - June 30, 2010.

People acclaimed this exhibition a lot. Section Chief Mr. Chang and colleagues of Changhua County Labor Department came to visit this exhibition, and expressed that Mother's Love of animals is as noble as human beings. They amazed at the original ecology in Amoura Lake and the contented living of swans, geese, ducks, beavers in that paradise.

Manager of Taiwan Power Company Mr. Lee and colleagues came to visit as well. They were impressed by the beauty of Amoura Lake and noble quality of wilds, and touched by the love from swan parents who pecked their own feathers to carpet the ground to protect the tender feet of swan babies from hurting at walk.






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