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  Silent Tears
The poetic collection comprising Silent Tears is representative of the early days of Supreme Master Ching Hai as a spiritual mentor. Poetic verses tinged with a sense of humor urge the spiritual practitioner to walk steadfastly on the path. Every teardrop of an enlightened Master is a star guiding the soulís journey away from the dark, up to the eternal light of Truth.
  Please Wake Up/Please Don't go
Heartfelt Plea to the World - Supreme Master Ching Haiís Newest Poems and Song Adaptations: Please Wake Up! & Please Don't Go
  The Lost Memories
The Lost Memories is a precious collection of thirty-nine romantic poems written by Supreme Master Ching Hai during the 1970s.
  Pebbles and Gold
Pebbles and Gold is a collection of the very first poems composed by The Supreme Master Ching Hai. Many of the poems included in this collection have been obtained from relatives and friends who cherished and were able to preserve them.
  The Dream of Butterfly
Supreme Master Ching Hai's lyrical talent shines through every one of the poems in The Dream of a Butterfly, depicting the spiritual footsteps She has taken in Her heavenly quest and beyond Her Great Awakening, and portraying Her innermost feelings about romantic love and spiritual devotion.
  The Old Time
This collection explores the various predicaments of human existence and portrays the most genuine responses that arise from the spirit when people are faced with suffering. Through an elegant blend of text and illustration, Supreme Master Ching Hai once again ignites the Light within us and inspires us to live a fulfilling and enthusiastic life while on the path of Truth.
  Traces of Previous Lives
Composed before the beginning of Supreme Master Ching Hai's formal search for Enlightenment in the Himalayas, Traces of Previous Lives contains the reflections of a merciful and noble soul living in a world of upheaval and impermanence, love and war.
  Wu Tzu Poems
"Wu Tzu Poems" reveals the spiritual journey before and after Master's renunciation.

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